Athenaeum: Dilate

Athenaeum Theatre Company was formed less than a year ago by young actor George Jaques and a talented group of 17 year olds in London. Their first production was "Dilate" which sold out three nights at the Doodle Bar in London's SE1 district. They raised funds themselves, produced the play, built the seating, installed the lighting, printed the posters etc... did it all ... and made a profit, donating to a related charity.

Tackling the theme of drug abuse the play was sharp and powerful. This is a promo showing a teasing glimpse of the last night's performance. We want to help them get to the next level by producing these filmed assets and other promotion material. 

They have a new production coming soon.

They have adopted the NSPCC as their house charity - please consider a donation: NSPCC donate

George Jaques
Athenaeum Productions