Ryan Gander: Imagineering


A major touring show launched in Paris by contemporary British artist Ryan Gander.

One of the artworks was a faux TV commercial. It was essential for the artist that the conceptual, writing, pre-production, shoot and post-production processes were identical to those of a genuine commercial. Working closely with the artist we took him through the hoops.

Exhibition show review: wearecollected Guardian review: https://www.theguardian.com/ar...

In the Paris gallery:

The work was featured and discussed on the BBC's The Culture Show Special on Ryan Gander:

Client: Ryan Gander Studio
Director: Richard Carroll
Art Director: Paul Hodgson 
Writer: Amanda Kirke
Producer: Care Charlton 
Cinematography: Duncan Telford 
1st AD: James Amos 
Editors: Daniel Dode/Richard Carroll
Post: The Mill London
Music: Matthew Juckes