SLOW BURNING ANGEL: Live performance Music Video.

Jack Bessant is the bassist and co-founder of Reef and solo-artist. Peacemaker EP is the first glimpse of what is to come from his most recent body of work which also includes the upcoming album - Lucky Mountain (August 2020) - and the Brother Thunder EP (Autumn 2020). Writing and recording on his farm, Jack has stripped back his music to let it breath, resulting in a sound that is honest and organic. Peacemaker EP gives the listener the perfect introduction to Jack and his music. The driving guitar and rousing basslines of Peacemaker, coupled with the rich tapestry of emotion and soulful harmonies of Slow Burning Angel, should leave the listener feeling soothed with a feeling of ease and a sense of freedom.

Music written and performed by Jack Bessant
Director / Edit: Richard Carroll
Director of Photography: Steve Lidgerwood
Music engineering/mastering: Bruno Ellingham