The Ghosts of Los Angeles: Episodes


A series of fictional monologues written by Godfrey Hamilton. 

Starring Denis O'Hare, Ned Van Zandt, Holly Woodlawn, Mark PinkoshDeanna Moore, John Pearson, Matthew Godbey , Ross Bautsch and Jeniffer Bailey. It's all about individual human stories. The series explores the anxieties and predicaments of fictional ordinary souls (Ghosts) in the city of Los Angeles.

The project was conceived as a low budget "teaser" or "pilot" to attract development interest and explore brand collaboration and roll-out opportunities. While this particular set of scripts are experimental and dark, a comparable structure could be used with new uplifting stories written for the specific brand, set in any city using the cultural nuances from that territory.

Ghosts of Los Angeles vimeo channel:

Writer: Godfrey Hamilton
Producer: Mark Pinkosh
Direction, cinematography, co-production: Richard Carroll
1st AC, Steadicam: Max Rijavec
1st AD: Mike Curtis
Music: Moby Gratis